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This article entitled “The Metaverse Is on the Way: Here’s What You Need to Know” was written by Andrew Morse and Scott Stein and published by CNET in March 2022. Plotting the trajectory of the Metaverse, Morse and Stein conclude that tech giants and developers have only scratched the surface. With an evolving definition, there are few points of agreement. Most align with the idea that the Metaverse will consist of online spaces where people can socialize, work and play. These spaces are shared and always available, working alongside or overlaying themselves in our physical world. Users will have an avatar, which will be of their design and own digital assets recorded on a blockchain.

With that said, a consensus has yet to be reached on several prominent details. Most notably, it is still uncertain how users will engage the Metaverse. With all arrows pointing toward a fully immersive experience, household Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality headsets become the most viable option for the Metaverse to reach this potential. Another is whether there will be one or many Metaverses. With large companies like Meta, Microsoft and Sony vying for first-mover advantage, it is unclear whether these companies will unify to create a single Metaverse that will combine their different services or create distinctly separate Metaverses that prioritize potential profits.

With much still to be discovered, the Metaverse has the opportunity to redefine how we engage with each other online as well as challenge notions of ownership in an increasingly virtual world.